Recently, I have started a research project for SAAatCUA to find  local archivists within the Washington, D.C area.  I figured the best way to start was to find the information of all the archivists at the local Universities that belong to the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC).  This information can be valuable for anyone who is interested in doing research at one of the University Archives or for class projects if an archivist needs to be contacted.  This is the most current information from the schools and the only school in the WRLC I could not find any information on was the University of the District of Columbia (UDC).

Name Position Location Phone Email Link (to information)
Timothy J. Meagher University Archivist The Catholic University of America (202) 319-5065
Paul J. Kelly Digital Archivist The Catholic University of America (202) 319-5065
Maria Mazzenga Education Archivist The Catholic University of America (202) 319-5065
William John Shepherd Associate Archivist The Catholic University of America (202) 319-5065
Shane MacDonald Archives Technician The Catholic University of America (202) 319-5065
Susan McElrath University Archivist American University (202) 885-3197
Katie Demetri Archives Specialist American University (202) 885-3254
Leslie Nellis Associate Archivist American University (202) 885-3204
Michael Olson Archives Preservation Specialist, Library Gallaudet University Phone:(202) 250-2652, Video Phone: (866) 218-0672
Christopher Shea Archives Technician, Library Gallaudet University n/a
Yvonne Carignan Head, Special Collections and Archives George Mason University (703) 993-2221
Maura Pierce Processing Archivist for C-SPAN Org. Records & Historical Archives George Mason University (202) 626-7967
Robert Vay Digital Collections Archivist George Mason University (703) 993-9513
Thomas Connors IBT Labor Archivist George Washington University (202) 994-1216
Elisabeth Kaplan Associate Special Collections Archivist George Washington University (202) 994-5081
Alexandra Krensky Processing Archivist George Washington University (202) 994-1363
Leah Richardson Public Services and Outreach Archivist George Washington University (202) 994-3263
Vakil Smallen NEA Project Archivist George Washington University (202) 994-1371
Christopher Walker Archives Specialist George Washington University (202) 994-9292
Doretha Williams Project Director for D.C. Africana Archives George Washington University n/a dorethawilliams@email.gwu
Lynn Conway University Archivist Georgetown University (202) 687-7631
Ann Galloway Assistant Archivist Georgetown University (202) 687-1863
Ted Jackson Manuscripts Archivist Georgetown University (202) 687-7423
Lisette Matano Manuscripts Archivist Georgetown University (202) 687-2814
Scott Taylor Manuscripts Archivist Georgetown University (202) 687-4986
Clifford L. Muse Jr., PhD University Archivist Howard University (202) 806-7498
Tewodros Abebe Senior Archivist Howard University (202) 806-7498
Sarah Holland Digital Access/Archivist Marymount University (703) 284-4990

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