Instrumental Archivist: Harold T Pinkett

Posted: May 30, 2015 by saacua in Instrumental Archivist
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Harold PinkettCareer:

Early in his career at the U.S. National Archives, Harold Pinkett wrote many of the preliminary inventories of the records from the Department of Agriculture that were transferred to NARA in the 1930’s. And in 1942, Pinkett was appointed the first African American archivist at the Archives.


Dr. Pinkett published many articles regarding the holdings of the National Archives and issues of archival interest. Some topics included records of the Forest Service, investigations of federal record keeping practices, and the selective preservation of general correspondence. Dr. Pinkett was also the editor of the  American Archivist, from 1968 to 1971 and coedited Research in the Administration of Public Policy, a National Archives publication, in 1972.


“Records of Research Units of the United States Forest Service in the National Archives,” Journal of Forestry (1947).

  • “Investigations of Federal Record-keeping, 1887-1906,” American Archivist (1958).
  • “Identification of Records of Continuing Value,” The Indian Archives (1965).
  • “Selective Preservation of General Correspondence,” American Archivist (1967).
  • American Archival Theory: The State of the Art (1981)
  • Accessioning Public Records: Anglo-American Practices and Possible Improvements (1978)
  • A Glossary of Records Terminology: Scope and Definitions (1970)

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