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Posted: October 24, 2014 by Martha in Miscellaneous Research
National Zoo tiger cubs make 1st public appearance

National Zoo tiger cubs make 1st public appearance (Photo: WUSA)

Did you know that the National Archives has a plan for digitizing their collection of 12 billion pages of records. Read about their plans –  AOTUS: Collector in Chief.

The Smithsonian Archives staff will be on Facebook October 27 to answer questions about preserving personal collections – http://siarchives.si.edu/blog/celebrate-2014-archives-month.

Congress in the Archives also shared their five favorite items for Archives Month.

Why the tiger picture? I’m glad you asked…

In the WUSA news archive (Nov 18, 2013), I found an article about new tiger cubs at the National Zoo and while not necessarily an archive, I also stumbled across a website with White House Pets starting in 1789, which was news to me. Did you know that Martin Van Buren received a pair of tiger cubs from the Sultan of Oman, but Congress made him send the cubs to the zoo. See the Presidential Pet Museum to learn about other furry friends of Presidents.

Please share in the comments other Archives News we should catch up on…


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