Arboretum Archives Advancements

Posted: October 2, 2014 by Martha in Inside the Archives
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Arboretum Archives MPLP

Removed a few paper clips and binder clips; the labels just fell off by themselves.

The United States National Arboretum Archives was moved off site during building renovations several years ago and now that they are back, there is much work to be done. The Archives is a currently not staffed by a professional archivist.  Until such time as a staff person can be hired, the archives are being processed by volunteers.

I am interning at the Arboretum this Fall, working with Anita, a professional archivist between positions. Anita estimates there are about 25 linear feet of backlog slides and 60-70 linear feet of backlog organization files that will be processed and stay at the Arboretum. The slides are being digitized and rehoused in sleeves in archival binders. The organizational papers and being processed in what the Arboretum calls a hybrid of MPLP (More Product, Less Process). The organizational collections are being described at the series level with minimal folder level description; there is not any rearranging within folders and the only paper clips or binder clips being removed are those causing the papers to be crooked.

This week I finished creating the folder list for 8 boxes of organizational files from a previous director, Dr. Cathey and started work on rehousing them in new folders and archival boxes.

Arboretum Archives - New folders

Arboretum Archives – New folders for the Cathey collection.

This collection includes correspondence from garden clubs, associations and societies that Dr. Cathey communicated with. I stopped to read some of the pages in the Marigold Society of America folder which included why the marigold (not the rose) should be the national flower.


Item from the American Marigold Society folder.


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